About us


A traditional company

In 1939 David Picard founded the company Picard & Co. and started producing all kinds of grinding machines including serration grinding (to provide the blades for knives and scissors with teeth or waves for cutting).

At the beginning of the 70s Mr. Karl-Ernst Ohliger joined the company. As a skilled mechanical engineer he is in the position now to produce grinding machines with high precision and flexibility as it is necessary for the serration grinding. Moreover, due to the use of modern materials, he enables a wide spectrum of different teeth and waves with high stability up to the micro-serrating of hair scissors.

The company establishes itself worldwide as competent supplier for:

-         steel merchandise companies,

-         manufacturers of cutting tools,

-         grinders,

-         gastronomical and large-scale kitchen requirements,

-         shoe and key services.

In 1982 K.-E. Ohliger purchases the company Picard & Co. and carries it on during the next 20 years until the beginning of his retirement (at the end of 2001).

Since January 1, 2002 his son, a skilled mechanical and technical engineer, has taken over business and now carries on the traditional company under his own name, Volker Ohliger.

Our company philosophy

In our company each customer is a “matter of the boss”.

We are interested in finding solutions for your individual requirements – even in unusual ways. We combine traditional know-how with modern technology. The high quality of our products and our services are guaranteed.

We will be your reliable and competent partner for serration grinding and tape grinding machines, serration grinding wheels and sharpening accessories.